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R.E.H Forks for Tiger Cubs  £1110 (£925 + VAT)

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Classic off-road competition forks, custom built in Yorkshire.

* 35mm diameter stanchions

* state of the art Ariete seals

* push through spindle

* designed for Tiger Cub replica hubs

* internally adjustble pre-load

* replacement parts always available

* Eligible for Pre65 Scottish, used on winning bikes since 2017

For Tiger Cubs, we recommend 30" length with soft or medium springs. For more details visit

R.E.H Tiger Cub Trials Yokes  £342 (£285 + VAT)

* Billet machined yokes in aircraft grade aluminium, for 35mm stanchions

* 1.5 degree offset specific to Tiger Cub frames

* Dimensions identical to original Cub geometry

* To suit headstock length 145mm

* Spindle and nut in 2014A aluminium, supplied fitted to bottom yoke

* Choice of spindle diameter: please specify when ordering

- 3/4 inch for taper roller bearings (eg Armac Cubs)

- imperial (standard Cub bearings)

* Handlebar clamps included (for standard or fat bars)

* Eligible for Pre65 Scottish and all major trials

* Price includes yokes, clamps, spindle, cap, full bolt kit


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More details:   To order:

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