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Armac Design two-piece rear mudguard, designed for the Armac Cub.

The mudguard assembly covers the full width of the rear of the bike (see pictures). It protects from mud, water and muck being sprayed forward onto bike, engine and rider. SOLD AS A SET

Guard A: fits between the subframe side arms. It completely protects the airbox, carburettor and engine from mud, water etc being propelled forward off the back tyre. It can be fitted to a standard Tiger Cub. It can be used with a short-section Universal rear mudguard but this offers less protection than Guard B.

Price: £42 (£35 + VAT)

Guard B: mates with Guard A to form a complete rear mudguard which wraps around the mudguard mounting rails. Rounded, moulded sections provide a smooth hand-hold for lifting the back of the bike. It will NOT fit a standard Cub subframe with a rear loop.

Price: £54 (£45 + VAT)

Guard A and Guard B, used together, give maximum protection for you and your bike, from mud and water off the back tyre.

Material: strong, lightweight, high-density polythene (Guard A 3mm, Guard B 4mm). White, vacuum-formed in Macclesfield, not China

R.E.H Front Mudguard: white plastic mudguard, a close match for the Armac 2-Piece Rear Mudguard.

Price: £30 (£25 + VAT)

R.E.H Mudguard brace assembly, and mudguard brace clamps also available.


Left: Guard A

Below: Guard B

Right/top: Guard A + Guard B in combination as  2-Piece Rear Mudguard. Compare with

Universal (inset) - much less protection

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